Our Client

Our client is a US-headquartered tech company and an innovator in automated perception systems for retail inventory visibility. Their system uses breakthrough technology, including artificial intelligence and computer vision, to understand what is on store shelves. They are building cool things that are disrupting the multi-trillion-dollar global retail industry. Their in-store inventory data-as-a-service offering provides critical benefits to huge consumer-packaged goods manufacturers and their retailer partners.

Job Description

Our client uses deep learning artificial intelligence and computer vision to create cutting-edge retail shelf intelligence; this data is syndicated and sold to consumer-packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers.

They value collaboration, continuous testing, and iterative development models. Their software runs in several IaaS cloud services for production scalability. They use Python as their primary development language and appreciate an excellent microservice-based REST architecture.

Automation Test Engineers are responsible for:

  • Understanding the full scope of a feature, how it will be realized in our UI or backend, how the customers will use it, and how the system will perform and scale.
  • Working directly with developers and project managers to determine what needs to be tested, how it will be tested, and what priorities are in place.
  • Architecting and developing a continuously improved test automation framework with documented and reusable code modules.
  • Committing tested, documented, and reviewed test automation code frequently, ideally daily.
  • Code reviews and automated testing are core to our quality approach.
  • Maintaining an Agile mindset, task decomposition, and continuous iterative delivery is a way of life.
  • Deep architectural understanding of good SaaS deployment patterns and the technical options available from the various IaaS providers such as AWS or Azure.
  • Actively supporting their continuous journey of applying good architecture and design patterns so that they can do their best daily work.
  • Strong opinions are encouraged.
  • Efficient and effective communication, both verbal and written.


  • Bachelor's degree in a technical field
  • 3 or more years of testing production software, ideally in a commercial environment
  • with experience supporting a shipping product
  • One or more years of recent experience with Python
  • Have experience testing server-side, web application, and mobile application (iOS and Android) features
  • Have experience writing concise but effective and thorough test plans
  • Have experience with test automation tools such as Selenium and Sahi
  • Have experience developing a test automation framework from the ground up, including both backend and frontend tests
  • Understand how to approach unit, integration, load, and acceptance testing and manage test cases for backend, web application, and mobile application stacks
  • Coding experience in Python, C#, Node JS, or Java
  • 1 or more years of experience testing SaaS-based products, ideally in AWS or Azure
  • Direct experience testing RESTful services
  • Direct experience writing and testing efficient SQL and familiarity with ORM
  • Experience with Python unit and integration test frameworks
  • Experience with Python web frameworks, ideally Flask
  • Understanding of client-side coding in Javascript, ideally with the Vue framework

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with a current CV and/or Data Science libraries such as OpenCV,
  • PIL, Numpy, SciPy is a strong positive
  • Experience with testing involving current ML frameworks such as Tensorflow or
  • PyTorch is a plus
  • Experience with infrastructure automation, including Terraform and CI/CD pipelines, and ideally, testing of that infrastructure